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Fast break
Continuous flow

Mike MacKay

1 outlet passes to 2, who misdirects long and circle cuts to get the ball, 2 advance the ball to 3 cutting back from the corner, 3 sweeps and attacks baseline, stops and passes back to 2 trailing behind on the penetration, 2 shoots.
- 3 attacks and finishes
- 2 gets a return pass for a give and go layup.
See Layups - Fast break, Shooting - DeMatha 4-corner jumpers.

3 goes weakside, rebounds, outlets to 4, who advances the ball to 5, who drives and passes back to 4 for a shot, 5 rebounds weakside and goes off, 1-2-3-4 have moved up one spot, continue.
See Fast break - Outlet series (use two or more balls, start from both ends), Layups - Jenkins around the world, 4-out drive and kick.

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