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Fast break
5-man weave vs transition D


5-man weave upcourt, coach is at halfcourt with five defenders on the sidelines.

The attackers fast break coming back, filling their lanes. When coach calls out a number from 1 to 5, that number of defenders comes in on halfcourt defence, the other defenders must wait until all attackers are past the centre line, then sprint to the centre circle and recover into the play, communicating to get matched up. Attackers should remain spaced in the half court to take advantage of numbers.

Here coach calls "3", X3 and X4 are the delay defenders.

(Variation - remaining defenders come on when the ball crosses the centre line)

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FIBA Coaching Library - 3-man, 4-man or 5-man weave, or tight line passing, with a corresponding total number of defenders.up

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