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Kentucky ball-line

Tubby Smith

Ten rules of the "5" defence:
1. constant ball pressure
2. contest every shot
3. retreat to the ball line
4. do not allow penetrating passes or dribble penetration
5. allow non-penetrating passes
6. always see the ball and your man
7. stay up the court, playing as close to the ball as possible
8. attempt to intercept all lob and bounce passes
9. jump to the ball on every pass
10. communicate and talk at all times

Goals are no lay-ups, no second shots (box out, don't release), contest every shot (high jump to block it), and make people make plays (pressure the ball, make them put it on the floor). The point guard gets back to stop the fast break.

Kentucky also uses 5X (switch) and 5 Deny (deny everything) halfcourt defences.

The on-ball defender will jump to the ball on a pass, looking for a deflection, and get back to the ball line. Deny defenders are on the line, up the line in an open stance, with both hands up, looking straight ahead (can go for the ball with the back hand). With the ball above the foul line, weakside defenders should be on the midline (but they never get there). Don't slide, sprint. Close out to arm's length, mirror the ball, "ball up" (both hands), "ball down", one hand on the ball, step back. Force the ballhandler sideline above the foul line and to the corner below it. With ball-line defence, you're so far away that you have to leave your feet to contest shots - high jump when the shooter leaves his feet, and call "shot".

Any time the ball enters the "pro lane" (about 3-feet wider than the North American lane), it's an automatic trap by the defender closest to the ball on top (can be a high-post defender). On a post trap, the post defender takes away baseline, and zone the basket against weakside action. Ball line is "off" on a trap, the closest man takes the pass out. Mismatches don't beat you, open shots do.

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