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Baseline inbounds plays

Ian MacKinnon

Defending a baseline box set,

- X1 is inside, facing the ballside sideline, seeing ball and man
- X4 has his back to the baseline
- X3 opens up and plays off the ball on a diagonal, seeing the floor and the ball (facing away from the baseline).

Offensively, 5 posts in front of the ball.

Chris Oliver - their goal is to disrupt, they don't want the opponent to run their baseline inbound. Use the defender guarding the ball (here X3) to take away the initial entry option, then recover to his check. They have four calls, based on the scouting report or set-up of the play:
- On-ball - X3 actively covers the inbound passer to disrupt the pass and is prepared to cover 3's cut after the inbound pass,
- Hole - X3 protects under the basket to defend a pick-the-picker or weakside pass,
- Post - X3 starts inside the ballside post (or on top) to defend a lob pass or direct post entry,
- Switch out - X3 starts outside the post to defend a post pop-out or switch to deny a shooter cutting into the area (the player giving up their check on the switch becomes responsible for the inbounder).

See Defences - Baseline inbounds, Tar Heels scramble, also 3-2 Tubby Smith, 2-3 Syracuse.

a) Box 1

5 screens for 1, X5 triangles ballside, leaving a gap for X1 to go through (X5 does not chase the screener going away from the basket).

4 screens for 5, X4 and X5 come together and switch the big-to-big screen, ballside.

Variation - X4 leaves a gap for X5, e.g. to avoid switching.

b) Box 2

1 and 5 stagger screen for 2.

X1 leaves a gap for X2, who goes through then switches to inbounder 3, X3 switches out to shooter 2.

(Variation - X3 starts outside 5, see Switch out, above)

X3 forces left, X2 plays on 3's low side, ready to help on a baseline drive.

b) Box 3

3 passes to 5 stepping out, then comes inbounds.
Variation - X3 switches to 5 stepping out (and can deny the inbounds pass), X5 takes 3, X3 and X5 will switch back when 5 screens for 3.

5 passes to 1 and pins down for 3, X5 gaps, X3 chases shooter 3, X5 bumps if 3 curls the screen.

X3 can use the gap if 3 does a good job of getting to the screener's shoulder.
Option - X5 and X3 come together and switch.up

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