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AIS defensive transition

Australian Institute of Sport
That's a Foul


- no transition baskets
- slow the ball with frontcourt pressure
- play on the line, up the line
- be ready for steal opportunities
- line of ball - sprint to recover when beaten (5 players below the line of the ball when it crosses centre)
- communicate and match up.


- 1 (dog) gets to the foul line area on all shots, pressures the ball on the first pass
- 2 (safety) sprints to halfway on all shots, goes with any attacker who runs by, takes a third pass upcourt
- 3 (wing) rebounds offensively, sprints to the bottom of centre circle on loss of possession, contains the ball if the dog gets beaten, takes the second pass
- 4 (ball man) rebounds, pressures the rebounder/inbounder, plugs the middle behind the dog, sprints to centre circle on a second pass
- 5 (basket man) rebounds, sprints the centre lane to the foul line other end.

First pass

- ball man X4 pressures the defensive rebounder then plugs the middle behind dog X1
- dog X1 takes the ball
- basket man X5 and wing X3 sprint.

Second pass

- wing X3 takes the ball
- ball man X4 goes to the centre circle (in the hole)
- dog X1 sprints to line of the ball
- safety X2 adjusts according to offensive spacing
- basket man X5 sees the floor, talks.

Third pass

- safety X2 takes the ball
- all other players recover to line of the ball, and must be matched up with an attacker as the ball crosses halfcourt.

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