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4 on 4 ballscreens

Ian MacKinnon

4 on 4, on any guard-to-wing pass, the passer follows his pass to ballscreen, weakside attackers exchange. If the wing is denied, use a dribble-at for a hand-off or backdoor. Pick and roll or pop, no post-ups. Basket cut and self-replace on a wing-to-guard pass, on a guard-to-guard pass, flarescreen for the passer.

The defender of the ballhandler (xdribbler) forces the dribbler to use the screen and calls the ballscreen coverage, shock or gap. With shock, the defender of the screener (xscreener) jumps out high to hedge and xdribbler goes over the screen but under xscreener. With gap, xdribbler goes under the screen but over xscreener, who leaves the gap. (Optionally shock if the screener's back is angled to the far corner and gap if his back is angled to the far sideline or higher, shown.)
Option - "lock" a ballscreen on the attacking left wing, i.e., force it baseline. Here X3 would not allow 3 to use 4's ballscreen (continue to force left), and X4 would help baseline.
Ryan Krueger - for a sidescreen, the angle should be between back to the opposite corner if the defence is going under the screen, and chest to the sideline if the defence is going over.

Progression - 5 on 5 with low post - coach passes to any perimeter attacker, calls the name of another player to ballscreen.

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